Our Members

People with a....

  • love of music and singing, especially pop/rock

  • craving to improve, learn, and work on their musically creative self

  • willingness to take risks, be vulnerable, be challenged, and sing out

  • readiness to commit, attend rehearsals and do the work

Our Purpose

We believe everyone should feel the joy that comes from creating and connecting.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to choir blends discipline and fun, offering:

  • Professional, structured direction to learn music and proper singing technique

  • Supportive, safe environment for self-expression

  • Exciting original arrangements of contemporary repertoire, performed with a live band

Our Offering

We foster a range of choir communities where members can bring their musically creative self to life, express their unique voice, and connect with others to create beautiful sound, together.   So that ultimately, they can feel more alive, more fulfilled, and more joy!

  • Voices Rock – Youth Choir for Grades 3-12 

  • Voices Rock Medicine – Choir for Female physicians    

  • Voices Rock Prime – Daytime Choir for Seniors

  • Voices Rock Ensemble – Choir for Adults age 18-65

Our Values

  • Teamwork, transparency and trust.  No drama.

  • Authentic, unique self-expression.

  • Continuous learning to fuel continuous growth - in our members, our sound, and our performance opportunities.

  • Giving back.  We are not for profit, taking in just what we need.  And we are a charity, listening for the sound of those in need and answering whenever we can.

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