Voices Rock Canada COVID-19 Policy

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected everyone in some way.  Government policies and the effect of the pandemic are constantly changing.  VRC is committed to providing the safest possible experience for our members by following government guidelines and continuing to assess our Covid Policy.


The VRC Board of Directors has had several comprehensive discussions trying to create the best possible Covid Policy. 

The VRC COVID POLICY is effective October 29, 2021 and subject to change and will be adapted as necessary as the pandemic evolves.

VRC recognizes that there are many opinions and beliefs regarding the best way to move forward with choir activities. Despite the challenges, our focus remains on the safety, health, and well-being of our choir members.

VRC is staying in line with many other organizations’ policies. The TDSB school board has indicated that they will allow singing indoors among students with the guidelines of using masking and maintaining of distancing (two metres) between students. 


  • The Staff of VRC are currently engaged in weekly and/or bi-weekly rapid COVID testing.

  • In-person rehearsals will require all members to be fully vaccinated. For children under 12, vaccinations are not required as they are not available for that age group.

  • Entry into Rehearsal Spaces: Line up outside the space; this can include outdoor lineups so dress accordingly. Members will be allowed in one at a time.

  • Level 3 (or higher) masks will be provided for all children at VR KIDS rehearsals. These will be safely distributed and disposed of at each rehearsal. These masks are light and easy to sing in while providing safety in regard to aerosol spray that may occur when singing.

  • VRC has implemented COVID-screening forms, which must be completed prior to entry of rehearsal spaces.

  • Physical distancing will be implemented at our in-person rehearsals with designated places for each choir member. VRC recognizes the importance of community, however for the time being, we discourage any socializing or congregating before or after rehearsals at our rehearsal venues. At each rehearsal, there will be a committee designated to guiding all of the protocols.

  • We encourage choir members to bring hand sanitizer to rehearsal. VRC will make a best effort to always have hand sanitizer available at each rehearsal.

  • VRC is committed to venues with adequate ventilation, whether it is open windows, HEPA air filtrations machines or HVAC systems. All of these allow for essential airflow in the rooms we rehearse in.

  • In the event that in-person rehearsals are not possible, we will have online rehearsals, similar to the format we used in our 5th season (2020-2021).

In our attempt to be as thorough as possible, we have also been considering other options. We want to provide you with as much information as possible regarding other guidelines that we are currently discussing.  As we update our VRC COVID POLICY, we will make revisions as necessary.


SHORTER REHEARSAL TIMES – Due to Public Health and the church policies, our rehearsal times have been shortened, with breaks in between. We are working closely with the rehearsal venues and any changes to these policies will be addressed in a timely manner.

DIVIDING REHEARSALS – Due to distancing and shortened rehearsal times, we have divided some of our groups into two. Although shorter, this does allow for concentrated learning. If anything changes in this regard, the membership will be given ample notice

An online option has been offered simultaneously with our live rehearsals; this is subject to change.