Voices Rock Canada COVID-19 Policy

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected everyone in some way. Government policies and the effect of the pandemic are constantly changing. VRC is committed to providing the safest possible experience for our members by following government guidelines and continuing to assess our COVID Policy.

The VRC Board of Directors has had several comprehensive discussions to create this COVID Policy.

The VRC COVID POLICY is effective as of February 8, 2022, and subject to change adapting as necessary as the pandemic evolves.

VRC recognizes that there are many opinions and beliefs regarding the best way to move forward with choir activities. Despite the challenges, our focus remains on the safety, health, and well-being of our choir members. VRC is committed to following all the policies set out by our rehearsal and performance venues.


  • In-person rehearsals will require all members to be double vaccinated (and we encourage all adult members to receive their third vaccination). For VR KIDS, child members must have their first vaccine dose. All child members must be double vaccinated by April 30, 2022.

  • Level 3 (or higher) masks will be provided for all KIDS and PRIME members at rehearsals. These will be safely distributed. These masks are light and easy to sing in while providing safety regarding aerosol spray that may occur when singing. All members are required to wear masks for the full duration of a rehearsal. Masks are never to be removed during a rehearsal (no water bottles allowed). We encourage a medical-grade mask for adult members.

  • Physical distancing will be implemented at our in-person rehearsals with designated places for each choir member. VRC recognizes the importance of community; however, at this time, we discourage any socializing or congregating before or after rehearsals at our rehearsal venues. We encourage choir members to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres or more whenever possible inside the venues.

  • We encourage choir members to bring hand sanitiser to rehearsal. VRC will make the best effort to always have hand sanitiser available at each rehearsal.

  • Our rehearsal spaces have improved ventilation and have added air purifiers to improve the existing ventilation. Windows will also be opened if the space has this option and weather conditions allow.

  • If in-person rehearsals and outdoor rehearsals are not possible, we will have online rehearsals.

  • All choir members are required to self-screen for Covid symptoms before arriving for rehearsal. There will be a one-time waiver dated Feb 7, 2022, that all adult members and parents or guardians of child members will be required to sign. This waiver indicates that members will self-screen before rehearsal and will not attend rehearsal If they are experiencing any Covid symptoms.

  • VRC will endeavour to provide a zoom online option during in-person rehearsals whenever possible.