Who can join?

We have 8 choirs for everyone, 9-99!


Do I need to audition for Voices Rock Canada choirs?

No.  We believe anyone can sing. 

We do conduct voices assessments for section placement.


How many people will you accept?

VOICES ROCK Kids (children, grades 3-12): 30/location. 

We feel this is the perfect size for kids to get to know each

other and for us, to discover each child’s unique gift.

VOICES ROCK Adults (18+): 45/location

VOICES ROCK Prime (seniors): 45/location

VOICES ROCK Medicine (female physicians): 45/location


What is the commitment level?

We rehearse one day per week, 1 ½ hours, per choir.  We do not have an official attendance policy, however have an expectation that the best way for members to learn is to be present weekly.  If a member is away more than 3 times per session, it is at the discretion of the artistic director whether the person is performance ready.  The choir is expected to work on material at home to be prepared for rehearsals and performances.  Sound tracks are provided for all adults.


How many performances are there?

Currently, we have a winter performances either January or February, and a spring/summer performance May or June, depending on venues.


Is there an opportunity to sing solos?

Yes! We audition for these throughout the year.


Are there other singing opportunities?

Yes! We are often asked to sing at corporate and special events throughout the year.

I have a question not answered here. How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us at info@voicesrockcanada.com. We're happy to help!

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